Antivirus founder John McAfee is getting a documentary

Picture a programmer in your mind. Not just any programmer, picture one that founded an antivirus company and calls his software beautiful. What do you see? A laptop with a stickered lid, maybe wiry hair and a pallor complexion bathed in the cold, blue glow of a screen?  You would be correct most of the time, until you see John McAfee.


Tattooed, possibly under the influence of multiple substances and even the subject of a manhunt after a murder. Yes indeed, Mr. McAfee is not the kind of man you’d want to meet in the dark corner of a LAN party.

Not only does he have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and an honorary doctorate in science, he has worked at NASA and Lockheed and he is also the founder of the antivirus software company McAfee. You may even be reading this on a computer with his software right now. He left the company two years after it went public, selling his shares and going off to follow other interests as a multi-millionaire.

Does this man among men sound interesting to you? Would you watch a six part documentary on him from Spike? If your answer is yes, you are extremely, and oddly specifically, in luck.

Unfortunately Spike is an American network, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever see the series in SA.

If you want to see the antics of McAfee, he made a rather fun video that is equal parts spoof and equal parts reality. It’s like  when Charlie Sheen plays Charlie Sheen. Do not watch this at work.



[Source – Gizmodo, Image – Linux VedaWired]



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