There’s awesome stuff to see and buy at Icon 2015 this weekend

It’s been a great few weeks for gamers, cosplayers and geeks in general. We were just at Geekfest 2015, Comic Con finished up last weekend, and now this weekend it’s time for Icon 2015.

We snuck away from work to get an early look at the con, and we rounded up some highlights to whet your appetite if you’re stuck doing boring stuff until you can dive into it this weekend.

To hurt your wallet

What: Gunter Plushie
How much: R200
Where: Plushie Heaven


Arguably the best character from Adventure Time. Arguably the cutest space conquer. Undeniably soft and huggable. There’s a lot of plushies at Icon, so you have a wide choice of who to scave off the bed monsters, so why not make it Gunter?


What: Slogan T-shirt
How much: R200
Where: Steampunk Comics


Take the terrible curse of wishing your enemies “I hope you step on a Lego” and turn it up to 11 by making it a Lego robot. Plasticy death with a side of lasers and explosives, all served up in a little image macro on your shirt. Conveniant, right? There’s a lot of other shirt designs on sale too, make sure you get them first if you want a comfy fit.

(As an aside, I’m a massive Lego nerd. Marvel and DC and Star Wars and everything is great and all, but Lego’s where it’s at. The robot on the shirt comes from a set called 5764-1: Rescue Robot, a creator set that can be built like this. Look familiar?)


What: Ridiculously sized swords
How much: R2000 for the one pictured, price varies
Where: Cool Anime


Ornamental swords aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we can’t help but love a massive piece of beaten metal adorning one of our walls or mantles.

There’s variety too, from licensed replicas to crazy amalgamations from Chinese manufactures. Almost all of the swords are sold blunt and barely capable of being used as a even a bludgeoning weapon, but keep away from kids anyway.


What: Goggles
How much: R260 – R350
Where: Sin Bin


We don’t know why you’d need goggles. Cosplay, biking, desert exploration? Regardless, there’s a cool set of them to pop on your noggin if you’re in the market.


What: Batarangs
How much: R140 for 3 small batarangs, R140 for 2 large batarangs
Where: Blades & Stitches


Start of your Batman kit with these batarangs. Once you have them holstered you just need a few biillion dollars for the rest of the getup. These are made of pretty solid metal, come with a pouch to keep them in and are decently pointy. They’ll survive a few throws from even the most hamfisted Robins.


What: Assassin’s Creed hidden Blades
How much: R450 each
Where: Cool Anime


Who ever thought mixing bracers with hidden knives deserves a pat on the back, followed swiftly by a surprise shanking. You too can live out your fantasies of wearing an all-white attire, jumping into hay and assassinating the odd target when you have the time.


To keep you entertained

Anime marathon


One hall of Icon (the “Tulip Room”) will be dedicated to screenings of various anime movies right through the three days of the event. It’s free to watch with your ticket, but make sure to get in while there are still seats.

Listings of what will be played are outside the hall.

So. Many. Comics.


We could have included this into the section of cool things to buy, but honestly, hunting down that one comic you’ve been looking for (or didn’t know you absolutely need) is its own event. There’s thousands and thousands of them at Icon, happy hunting.

The cosplay


Even in the early hours of the first day the cosplayers started to stream in and will only keep coming as the weekend goes on.

Remember to keep an eye out for any cosplay competitions that take place if you want to see it all.



If you want to give a boardgame a spin before buying it, Icon is the ideal place to do just that.

Either come with friends or team up with strangers to play some games. Just make sure to get yourself a secluded table as these places can get a bit loud.

Like the anime screenings, your ticket to Icon means you can play these to your heart’s content.

There are also tables for wargames like Warhammer/40K and Warmachine.


If you’d like to get more info about Icon, check the official brochure.


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