Donald Trump loses election on Twitter to an avocado

The prospect of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States (POTUS) may be rather harrowing for many, but as he progresses along the campaign trail he’s become the gift that keeps on giving.

It all started when the US tycoon made some rather off-colour comments about Mexican immigrants during a speech in which he announced his candidacy for President. After The Don said Mexican immigrants were “bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists [to the USA],” he was roundly condemned by human rights groups and foreign dignitaries, dropped by US network NBC and piñatas bearing his likeness went on sale in Mexico.

Now, he’s just lost an election on Twitter to an avocado.

In what was probably just a bit of fun to kick off July, a twitter account called AvocadoFact asked its followers if they’d prefer a ripe green avocado in office to Donald Trump.

“who(sic) would you rather have in office? rt for an avocado. fav for donald trump,”AvocadoFact tweeted.

At the time of this writing the avocado is battering Trump with 62,783 retweets to his 6,137 favourites. That, if you’re counting, is a rather impressive margin of around 10 to 1.

It’s unclear at this stage what the avocado will do with this new found popularity, or whether it has any policies in mind should it take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. For now, we suspect, it’s biding its time until the primaries, safe in the knowledge that should Twitter replace ballot boxes in the USA electoral system, it has enough in the bank to beat out one of the countries most successful business moguls.

Well done, avocado! We salute you!



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