Japan responds to America’s call for a giant robot fight

If that title seems like we’re trying to punk you à la Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds  radio broadcast, or we’ve confused news with a scene from Pacific Rim, we can assure you that this is actually happening.

If you’ve missed the glorious introduction to this little bit of mechanised misrule, you can catch up here. If you’d like the truncated version: America has challenged Japan to a fight involving less blood and guts and more oil and servos:


If we have to be honest, the premise of two custom made giant robots slugging it out made us happier than a we care to admit, but we were, as ever, extremely cynical. In all regards this looked like an empty PR stunt to get rich gearheads opening their oil-stained wallets. Nothing will demolish the west wing of your mansion like a giant robot.

Even less people expected the Japanese to accept the challenge.

Until they did.


You read that right, in about a year’s time we could see the emergence of a new sport; robot battling. Just saying it brings a smile to our faces.

Among the smash cuts of the Japanese robot and patriotic flag waving, Kogoro Kurata (the creator of the Japanese ‘bot) had this to say: “But my reaction? come on guys, make it cooler […] just building something huge and sticking guns on it […] it’s…super American […] giant robots are Japanese culture […] we accept.”

What else did Kurata say? Well, he wants the robots to actually duke it out instead of standing back and flinging paint balls, Kurata wants melee combat. Kurata wants the robots to fight until one of them is nothing but scrap. We like Kurata.


The American Megabot Mk. 2 in green and yellow on the left, and the Japanese Kuratas on the right in silver.

It is now up to the Americans to arrange the rest of the details for the fight.

To impart some suitably nit-picky terminology on you, we have to admit that we’ve been using the term “robot” incorrectly here. Made famous in Japanese Manga, the term “mech” or “mecha” refers to a type of robot designed for battle that houses a controller, or pilot. We think you’ll agree that, in a year’s time, both the Megabot and Kuratas will definitely be classified as mechs.

[Source – Youtube, Image – Imgur]


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