Sad Satan is a horror game you can only access through the dark web

We were very tempted to simply post the story of Sad Satan, tell you about its strange origin and leave the videos of it without further explanation, but we don’t really want a visit from South Africa’s Occult Crimes Unit.

Let’s talk about the dark (or deep) web for a second. You may have heard about it as the seedy underworld of the internet, only accessible through obscure browsers like Tor, and which we’re told exists for the sole purpose of trafficking guns, drugs and illegal pornography.

That’s not really the whole story; this nebulous part of the internet is just the unreachable and private part of it. It houses databases, private sites, company backends and so forth. It is basically the areas that Google and other search engines do not index.

What the deep web is good for, is being anonymous. You may not know it using your normal browser, but dozens (if not hundreds) of separate entities are tracking your clicks, views and habits. What the deep web offers is exponentially more privacy. While this is sometimes used to build an empire of illegal trading, it is great for journalists in countries with censorship laws, or for whistleblowers to get their information out without repercussions.

But sometimes, when you stare into the abyss, it not only stares back, but throws something at you.

Obscure Horror Corner, a Youtube channel focusing on obscure horror games, found a title that  we would rate extremely high on both the horror and obscure scales. “Sad Satan” is a game that can only be found in the deep web and has, up until now, existed undisturbed in the darkness, like those crazy creatures you only find near the bottom of the ocean.

You can watch the entire play through as a five part playlist below:

We highly suggest you watch the video and see the unsettling within, even for a few minutes. Without divulging too many of the game’s secrets, we must comment on some of the methods it uses. The greatest tool it uses to mess you up is the music, the distorted (and sometimes reversed) sounds vary from unintelligible talking and gasping, to a reversed loop of “I Love Beijing Tiananmen”. And there’s a single still of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher. Truly terrifying.

[Source: Kotaku]


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