[WATCH] Gamers reacting to Until Dawn’s jump scares

Last week I had the privilege of playing a preview build of PS4-exclusive horror adventure Until Dawn, which scared the hell out of me and all of the other local gaming press who were present.

At the end of the preview, I wrote about how the game records the gamer’s reaction to the exact moments of its biggest scares, that can be watched later, but I didn’t mention that Ster Kinekor, the game’s distributor, also recorded their own videos of us playing.

And guess what just hit my Inbox? Yes, the highlights reel Ster put together of us all reacting to (and sometimes swearing at) the jump scares.

None of these reactions are scripted, and nobody was paid to say what they do about the game. Take it from someone who spent 3+ hours with Until Dawn, this is one scary game and these reactions are entirely warranted.


If you like what you see and want to play too, you can grab a copy of the game from the 26th of August.


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