[WATCH] The strange world where the new Battles album is being created

Musicians are usually portrayed to us tone deaf sods as cheap coke, cheaper people and a ride to hell in a hotrod that always eventually crashes. We very seldom see the work that’s put into the music that makes them money and wows their audiences.

Enter Battles, an experimental rock band out of New York that’s been creating those oddball tracks like Atlas and Ice Cream since 2002.

Despite the fact that they’ve been a going concern for more than thirteen years, the band has only released two full albums. That’s about to change, however, as their third album  La Di Da Di is being recorded as your read this. It’s slated for release on September 18th this year.

Music tool creator Albeton has put together a short seventeen minute documentary ahead of the album’s release to provide an inside look on who Battles are and how they construct their music.

Titled The Art of Repetition, the slow paced video is brilliant and we strongly recommend you watch it regardless of your knowledge of music or your feelings towards the band.

The stand out for us is the dedication of the band. For the recording of the new album they retreat far from their homes in New York City to Pawtucket in Rhode Island to avoid the distractions of life. The sparse recording studio could easily be mistaken for an average house inhabited by a few audiophiles, and is surrounded by extremely boring urban sprawl.

At the studio the band members basically live together for the time it takes to finish recording. Their previous album, Gloss Drop, took seven straight months to record, and everyone involved became roomies for that entire time.

So, a strange type of documentary for a suitably alternative band. Our standout highlight is the fact that the drummer duct tapes his headphones to his head so he can properly head-bang during recording.



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