WhatsApp update will make voice calls even cheaper

WhatsApp users will be happy to know that you’ll spend even less money when using the instant messaging service’s voice calling feature. Mobile operators may be slightly less thrilled.

An update to the Android and coming soon to Windows Phone app (no word on whe iOS users will be getting it) lets you set your account so that it uses less data for voice calls, reports Mobility Arena.

A screenshot sent to Windows Central shows that this can be done in the settings menu, where a “low data” option can be turned on.


The catch however is that this will slightly compromise on the quality of the voice call. But if you’re not particularly worried about that, it should come in very handy.

Other additions that come with the update is the ability to mark messages as unread which will then highlight a conversation in green.

Messages will only appear as unread on your side and not to the other person you’re chatting as well so it’s no way a means to dupe someone into believing you haven’t yet read the texts, instead it’s more of a way to remind yourself to go back to a conversation in instances where you may be to busy to engage in a chat.

Image from Phone Arena.

Lastly, you can also set specific notification tones for incoming messages from individual contacts.

The update isn’t officially up on Google Play yet, so if you can’t wait until whenever it does arrive, you can get all these new features by downloading the WhatsApp APK file.

[Source – Phone Arena, Image – CC 2.0 by Wikimedia Commons]



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