M4JAM acquires Pondering Panda

M4JAM has just registered its first big acquisition, Pondering Panda, one of Africa’s leading digital market research firms.

The buy-out comes as the micro-jobbing mobile and web platform celebrates its first anniversary today.

“For the past year we have revolutionised the way that market research data is gathered,” said M4JAM CEO Andre Hugo. “We’ve realised businesses need more, they demand ‘in-the-moment’ insights from a geographically and demographically diverse community.”

“Our acquisition of Pondering Panda is an important one because it strengthens our value proposition, we can now provide more than basic insights, we can provide enhanced analytics, from real customers, in real-time,” Hugo added.

The move is ideal for the two parties as they both bring similar experiences to the table with M4JAM primarily focusing on brand awareness and marketing via mobile and Pondering Panda having previosuly pioneered mobile research locally, conducting 7.5 million digital interviews through mobile and other digital channels.

“M4JAM and Pondering Panda are together, without doubt, the go-to place for digital research in Africa,” said Diane Gantz, CEO of Pondering Panda. “Not only are M4JAM like-minded digital disruptors, but they are taking mobile research beyond simple questionnaires into a whole new world of real-time insights powered by their microjobbing platform.”

“Pondering Panda will stay fully base-agnostic and continue sourcing data across multiple respondents bases, while at the same time bringing a whole new data analytics and consumer insights dimension to M4JAM’s research offering,” she added.

The acquisition amount has not yet been disclosed but the two companies are starting their integration today, although Pondering Panda will maintain its own brand and continue serving its clients.

[Image – M4JAM]


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