Norwood the latest suburb to get fibre-to-the-home

If you have an ADSL connection for broadband internet at home, you could soon be outnumbered by the amount of people in suburbs that have super-fast fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections.

More suburbs are being added to various service providers’ networks, and Johannesburg’s Norwood, Orchards, The Gardens and Cheltondale are the latest areas to be connected.

“Community Active Protection (CAP) and the Norwood Orchards Residents’ Association (NORA) are excited to announce that after an extensive Request for Information (RFI) process, Vulacom has been selected as the preferred provider for the installation of fibre infrastructure in the NORA and surrounding suburbs,” reads a newsletter.

Even though Vulacom has been selected as the preferred provider, much still needs to be done before the connections can actually be made.

CAP and NORA said that before the end of August more information will be made available which will detail when the network will be rolled out, what timeline Vulacom will be working on, who the Internet Service Providers will be and what the pricing structure will look like.

“We are confident that the entire feeder network will be completed by November 2015, with home and business access connections deployed as and when required and approved.”

Last week Randburg’s suburb of Blairgowrie also joined the ever-growing list of suburbs connecting to FTTH, after Vumatel revealed that the suburb has qualified after more than 27% of the residents showed interest in being connected.

If you’d like FTTH connectivity in your neighbourhood, check with your local residents’ association to find out how to register your interest.

 [Image – CC by 2.0/Pryere]


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