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[WATCH] GTA V epic BMX stunt video

We continue to be awe-struck over here at HTXT.Africa at the amount of amazing content the Grand Theft Auto V community churns out. Not a week seems to go by without a player or coder creating an amazing video or mod for Rockstar’s open-world behemoth.

Over the past few months we’ve witnessed some amazing creations. We’ve seen a modder port cities from earlier games in to GTA V. We’ve seen a film crew create a real-life video that recreates the in-game experience. We’ve even seen one coder create a couple of Iron Man suits so players can use to fly about Los Santos as the cockiest of all The Avengers.

Now, a bike-riding ninja has posted a video of some of the most amazing stunts we’ve ever watched.

Posted on YouTube by ErasableNinja, this video not only shows off some epic bike riding skills, it also shows that its creator has a keen eye in the editing booth. Leaving aside the fact that the stunts he (or she) pulls off are eye-poppingly amazing, what sells the video is the way in which the shots are framed and then spliced together. The whole thing looks like a professional pro-mo, and the fact that it’s all set at night during a thunderstorm only adds to its spine-tingling atmosphere.

We should point out that the above video is soundtracked by a song containing lyrics that are definitely NSFW, so if you’re in the office, it might be time to break out the headphones. Give it a look, though, because it is awesome. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of BMX riding in GTA V, did anyone know it was possible to pull off rail-grinds on a bike in that game?


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