Google now serves up fun facts when you’re feeling curious

Want to have a bit of fun with Google? All you need to do is open your browser and search for “fun facts” or enter “I’m feeling curious” in Google’s search box.

The search engine will then find you a random nugget of factual information and serve it up in a neat little box, right at the top of your results page.

A big blue bar appears just beneath the answer saying “Ask another question”, and you can keep on clicking it just about ad infinitum for new fun facts.

Our research yielded answers to the questions “Who introduced hello to answer telephone?” (it was Thomas Edison), “What does DMC stand for on a DeLorean?” (DeLorean Motor Company), “When was prohibition ratified?” (1919).

This is just the latest in a line of neat little tricks Google has hidden inside its search engine. Other “I’m feeling…” terms you can try include “stellar”, “playful” and “doodley”.

And for the really fun tricks, it’s highly recommended that you open your browser, go to and enter “zerg rush”, “do a barrel roll”, “tilt” one at a time into the search box and see what happens.

Apparently the changes at Google extend even into the realm of their Easter eggs, and we’re all for that.

[Source – Google]


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