JAM FACTORY to help brands personalise and run better campaigns on M4JAM

M4JAM has just launched a DIY tool that is set to improve the way brands build relationships with their customers and gather data via the mobile microjobbing service.

JAM FACTORY allows brands to put on their data scientist hats on and create microjobbing campaigns from a desktop computer and personalise them according their liking and specific requirements.

Up until now, most of the work was done by the M4JAM team in collaboration with brands, but with JAM FACTORY, brands have a bit more say and control over how campaigns look and run and what they can get from them.

JAM FACTORY offers a number of standard templates created by Pondering Panda, which M4JAM acquired last month, for brands to choose from. But, if you aren’t quite satisfied with what’s on offer, you can simply use the “ask the Panda” feature to get a specific template created to cater to what you want.

“Each campaign will have its own online analytics dashboard, showing results and trends taking shape in real time,” M4JAM said in a statement.

“The JAM FACTORY will give our clients the highest quality data and deepest real-time insights in a fully automated and cost-effective manner. This will allow them to engage seamlessly when they want to without having to phone a sales person,” added M4JAM CEO, Andre Hugo.

JAM FACTORY is also a way for brands to do a bit of good while running their campaigns; M4JAM said that for every brand that signs up for JAM FACTORY in September and October, it will donate 5% of the jobber pay-out value from their gross profit towards helping build a library for the Masikhule women and children’s charity.

Signing up for JAM FACTORY is free and if you want to find out more about the platform or M4JAM, you can visit the service’s website.


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