Need for Speed delayed on PC to unlock framerate

The Need for Speed reboot was scheduled for global multi-platform release on November 5th, but developer, Ghost Games has announced PC gamers will need to wait until around March 2016 to play the game.

The reason for the delay is the game’s framerate. After apparently listening to the PC community on various forums and social media, the developers have made the decision to spend extra time to include unlocked framerate in the game.

This means that, if your PC has the horsepower to do it, you can push the game to run at higher framerates. The reason for locking the game to lower framerates is a common practice by developers that is used to make the development process easier. Youtube content creator John Bain (AKA TotalBiscuit) discussed this problem in a video focusing on previous Need for Speed game Rivals, and how it can have a disastrous effect on how the game functions.

When the PC version does hit shelves, it will also include updates that have been released on the console version up to that point.

As the issue of framerates and its locking have always been a sticking point for those on PC, a Steam Curator called “The Framerate Police” was created. The curator pops up on game pages with locked or capped framerates and warns people not to buy them. From the Curator’s description:

We catalogue games that are locked at 30fps so you can see them at a glance and mention if it is possible to unlock the framerate by other means.

We will, most likely, be receiving a review sample of the game on console, so we’ll have a review up this year (hopefully). We’ll also try and look at the PC version when its released to see if Ghost Games made good on their promise.

[Source – Need for Speed]


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