PlayStation Plus members to get 10GB of online storage in the next PS4 update

The release of the Playstation 4 1TB Ultimate Player Edition, which we also just happen to be giving away, offered welcome relief to storage-starved console gamers, as installed game data and captured images and video really add up if you’ve had your console for a while, making the extra 500GB of space a godsend.

The forward-thinking folks over at Sony must have realised that their customers are struggling with the console’s storage system, because their latest software update will address it – at least to some extent – among other things.

PS4 Software Version 3.00 (codenamed Kenshin by the electronics titan) brings PS Plus members an increase in the amount of online storage available to them, giving them an extra 9GB on top of the existing 1GB they already get. That brings their cloud storage tally up to a whopping 10GB, something that will definitely take the pressure off their consoles’ internal hard drives.

And to make it easier for every PS4 owner to know just how close to their storage limits they are, Sony has added a capacity meter as well that’ll keep that info easily accessible.

YouTube Gaming coming too

Of similar importance is the update’s addition of YouTube Gaming, an app that will let gamers make full use of Google’s new game-service by letting them stream their games and watch live content right from the PlayStation 4. Take that, Twitch.

While we’re talking about video, the update will also add a service that allows players to instantly share short videos to Twitter. These are limited to just 10 seconds in length, though, but you will have the ability to trim longer videos to length.

Other cool features include an Events hub where you’ll be able to check for seasonal and special in-game events such as Halloween decorations or extra XP events, the ability to form communities to tackle large multiplayer events and send Stickers to friends instead of typing a full message out.

This is not all, of course, but the majority of changes seem to be geared towards making streaming easier for PS Plus users and making gamers’ Playstation experience more sociable, and that’s sounds great to us.

For those who want a more detailed look at the update, you can read about every one of them on the Playstation Blog. The software update will begin rolling out those selected for the Beta programme from today.

[Source – PlayStation Blog, Image – Sony]


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