[WATCH] A music video made almost entirely out of gifs

If you ever watch VH1 or MTV you’ll know that great music videos are becoming something of a lost art-form.

Where once hot directors were tapped up to produce stunning visual works that both complimented and promoted singles, today’s music videos, with one or two rare exceptions, are pretty vacuous affairs – a steady stream of bling and band performances.

French indie dance duo The Shoes have taken a different tack in creating the video for their song Drifted – and like contemporary maker community members, they’ve gone open source with their endeavours.

Instead of the music video featuring a live performance dubbed with a studio recording or one of the myriad weird ways artists have chosen to add visuals to their sound, Drifted instead uses almost four minutes of gifs.


Simply put: screen capture software was used to record whatever was happening on a computer’s homescreen, many, many gifs were loaded into separate browser windows and they were then moved the in and out of frame to create the video.

The only cheat here is a single Youtube video which was included. We have to take some points off for that, though, as there are many services online that can directly convert Youtube videos to gifs (such as this one).

We enjoyed the video (and its music too), but we wonder about the use of other’s materials in the video. If the video is part of Youtube’s AdSense, it may face problems as it features many existing IPs which The Shoes obviously doesn’t own. But right now we have a cool video to watch, and we suggest you do the same in case it is taken down.


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