You’ll soon be able to order food online via Zomato

Online restaurant discovery and review service Zomato will in the near future be launching an “Uber for food” service in South Africa thanks to a massive multi-million dollar investment.

Zomato announced today that it has just wrapped up a $60 million deal with investors Temasek Holdings and Vy Capital which will help the company expand its offerings in some of the 22 countries where it currently operates.

Last week, Zomato launched a food ordering and delivery service in the United Arab Emirates, allowing users to place orders from any of the restaurants featured on the platform. Zomato said it would soon launch the same service in Australia and South Africa.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be launching our table reservations service Zomato Book, our point-of-sale system Zomato Base, and rolling out our Whitelabel platform across geographies,” Zomato CFO, Umesh Hora, said on the company blog.

Zomato will also unveil a Whitelabel platform for restaurants which will allow owners to launch their own apps within weeks, regardless of whether they have any technical knowledge or not.

These apps will helps restaurants and customers interact on a one-on-one basis, and will integrate features into Zomato like online ordering, table reservations, in-app cashless payments and loyalty programmes.

“These apps also come with powerful business and marketing tools such as targeted push notifications, real-time information and menu management and analytics all bundled in, allowing restaurants more time to focus on their core business of food and creating delightful dining experiences for customers,” Zomato said.

[Source and image – Zomato]


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