Domino’s launches its pizza-tracking app in SA so you can monitor your pie’s progress in realtime

Domino’s Pizza South Africa has launched a mobile app you can use to not only use to place your order, but track how far along it’s preparation and delivery to your door is.

Launched today, the Domino’s Pizza app, which has already been available to customers abroad in places like the UK and US for a while, will process your order for your favourite pizza in a matter of minutes.

Orders and tracking are also available via the new Domino’s Pizza website.

“The Domino’s Pizza online ordering platform works exactly like a normal order. Once a customer places an order via online ordering, it appears on the Domino’s Pizza system as if the customer is in the store. Once the order is received, the pizza is prepared and then dispatched seamlessly,” the fast food chain said in a statement.


The app and site have the Domino’s Pizza Tracker feature, this will show you the status of your pizza from the second it starts being prepared, to when it’s sent your way via a delivery person and when it arrives at your door.

You can create a profile which will help the app’s interface remember your most frequent order via the Your Easy Order function which you can use to have your regular favourite pizza on its way in under 30 minutes.

Payments are secured via linking your account to the site or app. Domino’s Pizza said the ordering system has been 3D-Secures meaning the channel is bank certified and your information won’t be stored on the Domino’s Pizza servers. For added security, it makes use of a one-time PIN (OTP).

Download the Domino’s Pizza app from Google Play or iTunes.

[Main image – Wikimedia Commons]


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