DStv Catch Up coming to Compact and Extra customers soon

No longer will DStv Catch Up only be available to Premium customers, as the feature will be making its way to Compact and Extra customers this weekend as well.

Compact and Extra customers with active DStv Explora decoders will be able to use Catch Up to save up to 150 hours of their favourite shows for viewing at a later stage if they missed it or are watching something else at the same time, MultiChoice has announced on its forums.

Catch Up automatically saves a selection of shows and events from different channels on your package onto your decoder memory, and stores it for between seven and 28 days before they’re removed.

There are no additional costs attached to the feature as it forms part of those packages.

“We always look for opportunities to enhance the viewing experience of our customers and we want to give them access to cutting-edge services and products. It is for this reason that we constantly introduce new technologies and enhance our existing services. Offering Catch Up to our DStv Extra and Compact customers with DStv Exploras is just one of the ways we are doing this,” Mark Rayner, COO of MultiChoice South Africa said in a statement.

Before Catch Up is activated on your Explora decoder, you should get a software update if you haven’t already received it. Content will start automatically downloading from Sunday, the 1st of November and will build up to the full 150 hours over time.

[Source – MultiChoice, Image – DStv]


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