EcoMobility Festival Postponed

This is what you need to know about getting into and around Sandton today

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The official EcoMobility website has helpfully outlined all of the measures that are in place today to help people get into, and around, Sandton in the wake of yesterday’s tragic scaffolding collapse.

Here’s what you need to know if you usually head into Sandton via the M1 highway:

The northbound side of the M1 will be closed from Corlett drive; motorists will be diverted off the M1 and up Corlett while the wreckage is cleared and the investigation is conducted.

The M1’s southbound side will be closed from Marlboro, where Sandton-bound motorists can leave the highway and make their way down to Katherine street.

The bridges over the M1 at Marlboro and Grayston will both remain open, so crossing over the highway will still be possible, and JMPD pointspeople will be present to divert motorists and keep traffic flowing.

Public transport options

  • All Gautrain bus services are free today, across the whole of Gauteng.
  • All PUTCO bus services that start from Soweto will also be free tomorrow, and this covers monthly ticket holders as well.
  • All Metrobus services into Sandton will be free, and Metrobus has increased capacity on its northbound and southbound routes so there will be plenty of buses to catch.

Free Park & Rides

If you’ve been using the park and ride facilities that have been made available during EcoMobility, today you’ll ride for free.

As a reminder, the EcoMobility people have listed several main park & ride locations for people to keep in mind:

  • Brightwater Commons
  • Randburg Square
  • George Lee Park
  • Innis Free Park
  • Melrose Arch
  • Balfour Park
  • Westgate (Roodepoort)
  • Cresta Shopping Centre

Montecasino – Note, however, that you’ll still need to pay the R10 parking fee for Montecasino as the EcoMobility Festival has not been able to secure free parking there.

As we reported earlier, West street has been opened to help ease traffic in and around Sandton as well.

Good luck getting around today, everyone; hopefully these measures will make traffic today a little better as the City deals with the aftermath of yesterday’s awful scaffolding collapse.

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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