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Oh, wow, you guys. You really broke our hearts with your submissions to our “Sad TV is sad” competition; if the people in the photos weren’t sad enough, we saw some truly miserable old TVs to go with them, making judging this particularly competition rather tough.

It also made us think we need to run a “Sad camera is sad” competition, because damn, some of your pictures look like they were shot on potatoes.

While there are a lot of sad TVs out there, going on what we saw there are none sadder than old Cathode Ray Tube television sets. If you’re still watching TV on one of those old clunkers, you have our sympathy.

Partly because so many South Africans are still stuck with those old beaters, we received hundreds of entries featuring plenty of genuinely sad-looking TV-watchers, making this a tough contest to judge. Here are some of the highlights:

Three entrants showed us how they’re attempting to deal with the fact that they don’t have TVs at all:

Several even made their own memes:

And this enterprising entrant attempted to inspire sympathy because his TV is so old it’s a VHS/CRT TV combo:

User comments
User comments

As awful as that is, and as miserable as everyone looks, we feel nobody could beat Sipho Zwane’s #sadtvissad photo:

sadtvissad (20)

Not only does he look about as sad as can be, his TV is a CRT, it’s really small and even its aerial looks sad. That’s a trifecta of awfulness right there, and worthy of first place so we’re awarding Sipho the awesome LG Super Ultra High Definition television. Well done, Sipho! We’ll be in touch soon to arrange delivery of your prize.

Thanks to everyone who entered; the quality of the submissions was incredible and we’re very proud of the lot of you!

Keep an eye on the site, we’ll definitely have more competitions for you guys as the year heads towards the crazy Christmas period.


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