Anonymous and Telegram are taking down ISIS’s communication channels

Last weekend Paris was hit by multiple terrorist attacks that have since been claimed by the group known as ISIS. In response, the hacker collective Anonymous, as well as the mobile messaging app Telegram have taken steps to reduce the terrorist’s online presence, which is substantial.

Following the attacks, Anonymous released a video in which they “declared war” on ISIS. The video promised that the group would “unite humanity” with a campaign against ISIS. The campaign, referred to as , has already brought results as the group has exposed thousands of Twitter accounts linked to ISIS, 900 of which have been suspended.

The Twitter accounts, their number of followers and links to each were included in the long text post. In addition, email addresses and IP/VPN addresses were included, with more promised to be added soon.

A message that the account has been suspended when visiting one of the links from the Anonymous dump.

Telegram shuts down 78 ISIS channels

With its focus on security, Telegram allows up to 200 people or channels to communicate. A channel has an unlimited number of members and can broadcast messages to all of them.

It was announced on Telegram’s Twitter account and official channel that they had “…blocked 78 ISIS-related channels across 12 languages”.

The message from within the Telegram app.

As stated above, there seems to be a new method for reporting illegal activity in the works, but it has not been shown off as yet.

After the above message, Telegram also pointed to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of their site to explain why the channels were blocked, in regards to illegal content.

While this is a blow to the social media strategy that ISIS uses to communicate and recruit, there are still many avenues open to them. In the list of exposed accounts from Anonymous, many of the larger accounts are still active.

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