Anonymous declares war on ISIS

The online hacker collective known as Anonymous released a video this weekend following the terror attacks in France in which they declared that they will go to “war” with ISIS.

The video – posted by  account “Anonymous Nord” – is entirely in French and begins with the statement that “we are uniting humanity”.

The speaker in the video says that the acts in Paris cannot go unpunished and that “Anonymous around the world will you track down”.

They also speak about the attacks they carried out since the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Anonymous refers to these campaigns as an “Operation” or “Op”, and has been using the hashtag  on Twitter.

The video does not go into detail regarding what exactly the group will do, citing only “a massive reaction” (on their part) and “many cyber attacks”. In the past, these cyber attacks have included releasing personal information, taking websites down and raiding communities in attempts to belittle and destroy them.

As always, Anonymous ends its missive with the rejoinder, “we are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

[Via – Mirror]


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