Anonymous’s list of #OpISIS targets on Twitter may be “wildly inaccurate”

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the hacker collective Anonymous “declared war” on ISIS and promised to move against them.

The initiative, referred to as   on Twitter, seemed to bear fruit when the group released a list of thousands of Twitter accounts apparently linked to terrorism. Many of the accounts have since been suspended, but Twitter has apparently denied the validity of  Anonymous’ efforts.

Speaking to The Daily Dot, a  “spokesperson for Twitter, who asked not to be quoted by name” stated:

Users flag content for us through our standard reporting channels, we review their reports manually, and take action if the content violates our rules. We don’t review anonymous lists posted online, but third party reviews have found them to be wildly inaccurate and full of academics and journalists.

It was also added that Twitter employs a “review team” to tackle the terrorist problems on the platform, and employs those fluent in Arabic to review suspect accounts.

These claims, if true, would make Anonymous’ efforts very much useless. We’ve had a look at the list published by Anonymous on Paste Bin (which we won’t be linking to here), and the majority of the accounts within have been suspended. Whether it alludes to the accuracy of the list, or Twitter is actually taking a sneak peek, we cannot say.

We’ve contacted Twitter for an official response, which has not been provided since the original story had been published by The Daily Dot.

[Source – The Daily Dot]



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