Here are some South African Cyber Monday specials

The Monday after Black Friday has been dubbed “Cyber Monday”, and it follows up Black Friday’s day of massive discounts across many retail stores with tech-specific sales.

That means you can look forward to deals on anything tech-related, from phones to gaming systems to laptops to gadgets.

We’ve scoured the South African web to find you the stores with the best discounts, or deals on the swag we believe is best, and placed them here in one post for easy access. Conspicuous by their absence are online Cyber Monday sales from local super-retailers Incredible Connection and Dion Wired, which is quite a shame as we’d expect them to lead the charge considering they are, well, tech retailers.

That aside, there are some tasty deals out there nonetheless.


Makro’s Cyber Monday promotion has an entire page dedicated to bargains, including a sweet deal on a 55-inch Full HD 3D Smart TV for R8 999:



Takealot’s ongoing Motherload sale now includes a Cyber Monday section. Well, sort of – the cheeky etailer simply re-routes all clicks on its Cyber Monday banner to its Daily Deals page. Still, the deals are pretty good – check out that 500GB Xbox 360 that comes with copies of Battlefield 4 and Forza 3 that’s going for R2 899. What a great way to start a budding gamer’s career.

cyber_monday_2015_xbox bundle

Loot is another fantastic local site to shop on if you’re looking to buy gadgets at a discount. There’s a 32-inch TV for less than R2 700 that could make someone quite happy.




From headphones, to speakers, HD dashcams, printers and various other decent tech deals, it looks like OneDayOnly has got the concept of Cyber Monday right. Here’s a glimpse of what they’re offering over the next 14 hours.

cyber monday

If you spot any other great deals and you’d like to share them, send a Twitter shoutout to @htxtafrica.

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