Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Most anticipated games of 2016

The office is still raging with debate about which game from 2015 deserves the most recognition. It’s likely we’ll reach some sort of agreement once we’ve come round to playing Just Cause 3, but in the meantime, we thought we’d take a look at the upcoming year and select our top picks for 2016. Why don’t you do the same in the comments below?

Nick Cowen

I’ll admit it: when I first heard that id Software were rebooting the Doom franchise, it sounded like sacrilege. How could anyone reimagine one of the most iconic titles from my youth? How could they do it without John Carmack, the series’ creator and the driving force behind Doom and Quake for over a decade?

I was completely unconvinced… until I saw Bethesda’s keynote at E3 and the Doom reveal blew me away. An old school demon shooter with a map-creating mode and an arsenal of insane weapons? Count me in. And it looks oh so pretty!

Deon Du Plessis

I love stealth games, and especially Hitman’s brand of dark humour, but more importantly I want to see how Square and IO have solved Absolution’s criticisms in this newest Hitman game.

Will the world be more organic and give me genuine freedom in how I approach Agent 47’s objectives this time? I need to know.

Far Cry Primal
Charlie Fripp

I’m stupidly excited for Far Cry Primal, the next game in the franchise due to be released in February.

Instead of fighting in the jungles, this time around it takes place around 10 000BC with a new character, so expect a lot of Mesolithic animals, spears and an awful lot of stone-throwing.

Star Citizen
Brendyn Lotz

While segments of the game have been released to Alpha players I’m looking forward to finally being able to dive into Roberts Space Industries’ completed persistent open world.

I expect to be  gasping in awe at the modified CryEngine 3 graphics engine that breathes life into the vision of Wing Commander and Freelancer creator, Chris Roberts.

Clinton Mathos

The original XCOM (that is, Enemy Unknown from 2012) was the poster child of “just one more round”.

I’ve not encountered another game that flows so brilliantly between gameplay and management: you’ll be out in the field shooting aliens daydreaming about collecting resources, and back in the base you’ll be using those resources to make bigger guns, daydreaming about shooting aliens. It’s just so masterful and I can’t wait for a whole new game.

Deus Ex: Humanity Divided
Adam Oxford

To say I had low expectations of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an understatement. If even Warren Spector and Harvey Smith could screw up the Best Game Ever TM with the awful Deus Ex 2, what hope did a new team from a publisher in the doldrums led by an aeronautics software professional have?

A good one, apparently: Human Revolution is the only game I’ve made time to play through twice in the last few years. Am I looking forward to its sequel? Oh yes.

What games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!


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