Who won our LG G4 Beat Dance-off competition?

To those eagerly awaiting the outcome of the LG G4 Beat Dance-off competition that we launched last year… we’re sorry, guys! We hit a bit of an organisational snafu around it, but we’re all better now.

So, since you clicked on the story, you’re likely wondering just who won the competition. But first, for those of you merely curious about what we’re on about, here’s a quick synopsis:

Last year, we challenged our readers to do their best impression of Carlton’s famous dance from The Fresh Price of Bel Air, the awesome 90s sitcom that catapulted Will Smith into superstardom and introduced the world to the “Carlton dance”, which you can see below performed by Smith’s co-star, Alfonso Ribeiro:

We had some really good responses, but by far the best effort was from Gala Molefi (@galamolefi), who we feel absolutely nailed it. See him below:

What a great performance!

Of course, we must also give credit to the runners-up, who did almost as good a job. Here is “Shane” (@enahs1989) giving it a go:

And here’s Michelle Hercules (@KofDelightZA) dancing her heart out:

We wish we had prizes to give all three of you, but sadly we only have one. We’ll be in contact soon to arrange delivery of your prize, @GalaMolefi. Great job!

Well done to all to participated, and to everyone else we say keep an eye on for more fun competitions to enter as we’re sure to have a few more coming up soon.



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