Hearthstone cheaters might get ahead, but they may also have malware

Cyber security firm, Symantec, has warned Hearthstone players using cheating tools of the potential for malware to be packed inside the tools.

Some of the tools that Symantec references in its blog post are gold and dust hacking tools such as Hack Tool v2.1, which reportedly does not work and installs malware on a users PC instead.

The firm also found a piece of malware it calls Trojan.Coinbitclip which is also masquerading as a gold and dust hacking tool.

This one is particularly scary if the user mines bitcoin, because the malware hijacks the user’s clipboard (which apparently many bitcoin miners use to store bitcoin addresses) and replaces a real address with a fake one that closely resembles it. That means saying goodbye to any bitcoins that have been mined as they now belong to the hacker.

Hearthstone bots, which play the game for players so that they don’t have to waste time playing the game (yeah, we don’t understand this concept either) have also been found to contain malware.

What is surprising though is that some deck trackers have been found to contain malware as well. Deck trackers show players which cards they have and haven’t played. Many streamers actually use deck trackers despite these contravening Blizzard’s terms and conditions.

An instance of malware named Backdoor.Breut was found to be disguising itself as Hearthstone Deck Tracker.exe. When executed, the malware opens a backdoor which allows a cyber criminal to log keystrokes, record visuals through the webcam and steal passwords.

The worst part about all of this is that if you download any of these cheating tools and happen to infect your PC with malware, you may find your Hearthstone account closed even if you manage to clean the infection off your machine.

Cheating is classified as a severe violation of Blizzard’s terms and conditions and can earn you a permanent account closure.

The solution here? Just don’t cheat, seriously; if you aren’t downloading third-party cheating tools, you’ll be fine.

[Source – Symantec] [Image – Hearthstone]



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