House4Hack is launching a Maker Academy

House4Hack – the makerspace that sent a glider into space (among other things) – is becoming a bit more formal with its launch of what it calls Maker Academy.

This Academy is going to consist of courses which will introduce you to the House4Hack space and what you can do within it. The 400 m² house in Centurion is packed to the rafters with any and all the tools and experts need to get making. 3D printers? Laser cutters? Robotics? It’s all here. Hell, they even brew their own beer from time to time.

These courses will be presented by volunteer experts with the profits going back into the space.

We’ve been to House4Hack for their regular meetups many a time. And, while we love the laid-back nature of the event, as well as the collaborative spirit and helpfulness of everyone there, we understand why those with no experience would feel a bit intimidated. Hopefully the Maker Academy will be what pushes people over the edge into making.

We’ll definitely be there, so we hope to see you too. As soon as we have more details, we’ll pass them onto you so stay tuned to makers.htxt.



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