Kayne West is making a videogame

Kayne West is making a videogame

It’s been a busy week for Kanye West.

After sticking up for Bill Cosby on Twitter and teasing his new album The Life Of Pablo, the self-styled ‘greatest rock star in the world’ closed out this week by releasing his album in Madison Square Garden in New York last night in what The Guardian has called an ‘elaborate, ramshackle event’.

Normally, we wouldn’t mention Yeezy – this isn’t a music site after all – but West made an announcement at his album launch that caught us all completely by surprise. He’s apparently made a videogame. Really.

“The idea of the game is my mom travelling through the gates of heaven,” West told the crowd at the event. The trailer for the game was the shown. You can watch it below – if you don’t want to hear West talk about himself before it screens, skip to the 2:06 mark.

The trailer reveals very little about what players will be doing in the game – but then, that doesn’t make it all that different from most reveal trailers. In it a female avatar – presumably a depiction of Kanye’s mother – is seen flying skyward, first with no aid, then on the back of a winged horse – presumably Pegasus – and then she sprouts wings of her own.

As mad as all this sounds, it’s not the first time a musician has quarterbacked a videogame; we can think of numerous example where rock stars and hip hop artists have entered the medium, including Wu-Tang Clan, David Bowie and even Phil Collins.

The game is called Only One and as yet there’s no word on either a release date or whether it’s coming to PC or console or both. To be honest, the whole reveal feels like it has the word ‘vaporware’ stamped all over it. Still, Kayne West fans can live in hope.

In the meantime they could always pick up a copy of The Life Of Pablo, which according to Kanye, is ‘the best album in the world’.


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