Sharlto Copley and Tim Roth pop up in Hardcore Henry – a movie shot like an FPS

Ah, finally, something a little different is being made for the theatres. Hardcore Henry follows the main character in first person, just like a first person shooter (FPS) videogame.

This comparison isn’t unfair – unlike found footage films (e.g. The Blair Witch Project or Chronicle) – Hardcore Henry is filled with gunfights, explosion and high octane action from start to finish. Heck, in the official trailer’s description, it claims your wife is kidnapped and you’re being shot at within five minutes of the movie starting.

As for story, well, that too could fit into an FPS, albeit a rather weird one.  Your kidnapped wife has brought you back from the dead, and now you’re part robot (because we have the technology). You will now use your new found Terminator skills to get her back. Cut and dry, isn’t it?

A few big names popped up in the trailer, specifically South African actor Sharlto Copley. It seems Mr. Copley can’t stay out of an action film with some sci-fi elements. His first line in the movie looks to be a question about a speech module. Oh well, it looks like it’s another silent protagonist deal, that was also nicked from games. Tim Roth  makes a very quick appearance, let’s hope he doesn’t hulk out.

Hardcore Henry is set too launch on April 8th of this year, but we can’t find it listed for any local theatres as of yet, which may indicate a limited release.



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