South Africans generally very concerned about country’s future after #SONA2016

Despite the circus-like antics that transpired at last night’s State of the Nation Address (#SONA2016), South Africans seem to be generally negative about where the country is going according to a survey.

Pondering Panda ran a mobile survey on its parent company, M4JAM’s platfrom today, featuring 11 questions to get users’ opinion on what they thought of the speech.

At the time of writing this article, over 170 users had taken the survey, the majority aged 28, 51% being male and 43.7% being from Gauteng.

Just over 80% of respondents said they had tuned in to watch or listen to the address last night.

When asked how positive they felt about the country’s future on a scale of one – 10 (one being very concerned and 10 being very positive), 45% said they were very concerned, while 1.7% said they were very positive.

Screenshot (748)

A majority felt that the address has a direct impact on their lives and that South Africa is still far from finding a solution to its economic woes.

Screenshot (751)Screenshot (750) You can also take part on the survey if your’e already an M4JAM user, if not, you can sign up to be one on the WeChat by adding it as an official account or on the website.

[Image – CC GovernmentZA]


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