Spice up your tweets with Twitter’s new built-in gifs

While Twitter has supported the posting of gif files for a long time, they’ve been limited to small file sizes. Now, the platform has built-in gifs to give your Tweets that extra something.

At the moment the option to add the new gifs is only available on mobile. Unfortunately, you still won’t be able to add in your feature-length gifs, since the ones on offer have been chosen by the developers. There’s thankfully a large selection of decent quality choices, though.

How to add a gif on Twitter

  • Open the mobile app
  • Start a new Tweet
  • Among the bottom row of buttons, there will be a an option with the word “GIF” printed on it; tap this button
  • You’ll now be given an alphabetical list of categories; scroll through and select your favourite
  • Choose a gif from this selection
  • You now have a gif in your Tweet!

After adding the gif, you’ll still have 117 characters to play around with.

Almost all of the gifs we’ve seen are hosted by Giphy, which usually saves gifs as less data-hungry web movies or gif videos. This is a brilliant choice for the mobile platform as large gifs can eat up megabytes of data on their own. Luckily, the ones we’ve seen don’t autoplay when you scroll past them, which means any feeds spamming the new feature won’t drain your data allocation.

[Image – Minimal Monkey]



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