Uber's New Logo

Uber changes logo, waits for internet feedback

Have you hailed a ride using Uber today? If you do you might notice that the app needs an update and if you do this you’ll see it has a new design and logo.

Where once Uber user were greeted with a black ‘U’ on a stark white background, now they’ll see a white shape – a circle if they’re a rider and a hexagon if they’re a driver – on a colourful background.

Apparently the colour of the background varies depending on what country you’re in – according to Wired, if you’re in China the background will be red, whereas if you’re in the United States it will be dark teal.

We’ve opened up our Uber app this morning to find that the app itself is on a teal background, but once it opens up we’re greeted with a colourful background with geometric patterns on it – sometimes it’s green and sometimes it’s purple.

In an email sent out to Uber users this morning, the company announced that new logo is an attempt to “catch up to who we are”.

“We used to offer only black cars in a handful of cities. Now we’re a reliable, low-cost way to explore 400 destinations around the world,” the statement said. “We were everyone’s private driver, but today we’re a lot more. Our new look reflects where we’ve been. And where we’re headed.”

So what do you think of Uber’s new logo? Is it a step in the right direction? Or would a better step be to contribute more tax to the economies of the countries drivers who use its app operate in?



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