Harmonix is crowd funding the PC version of Rock Band 4. Yes, really

Rock Band 4, the latest entry in the popular “look mom, I’m a rockstar!” simulation game, is seeking crowdfunding through Fig to get the console title onto PC.

Launched in October of last year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to generally positive reviews, Rock Band never made its way onto PC. In fact, not a single title from the main series or its myriad spin-offs have made it to the platform.

Now Harmonix says that can change… but only if they get some money first.

Through Fig  (the crowdfunding platform created by Tim Shafer an co.) the developers are looking to raise $1.5 million (R23 million) by April 26th, 2016.

Besides the game, Harmonix is also promising to use the Steam Workshop to get user-generated content in the game. A system they once used called “Rock Band Network” will allow any musician to create tracks for people to buy and play inside of the game.

The game will come with its usual selection of accessories – guitar, drums and a mic – so if you’re a PC gamer who has never played a Rock Band game and you don’t have a single toy guitar to your name, Harmonix will have you covered.

Let’s talk numbers: $49 (R768) will get you a download of the game while $99 (R1552) gets you the “instruments” you’ll need. In the above video, keyboard and mouse control is promised for navigating menus, but it’s unclear if you’ll actually be able to play like that.

For a series as successful as this, it feels a bit cheeky for Harmonix to try and get funded in this way. Crowdfunding started off as a way for lesser-known and under-funded projects to ever see the light of day, not for big companies to muscle in and ask for payment before any work is in.

What do you think? Will you be supporting this campaign?



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