Romantic hand-holding stops texting and driving, says New Zealand

It’s not news that texting and driving is an incredibly dangerous and stupid activity, but still people choose to do it. The New Zealand Transport Agency is addressing this problem with their newest campaign, which is a little… sensual.

We won’t spoil the wit and humour of the video; just give it a watch, we promise it’s good.

Yes indeed, the next time your teen or callous friend decides to reach for their phone while behind the wheel, simply move in for a solid hand-hold and stop them with the power of love and awkwardness.

The campaign is targeted at younger people who “use their mobile phone instinctively” and need something to snap them out of autopilot.

As far as these types of campaigns go, we really like this one. It highlights an important issue which claims and ruins lives, but does so in an accessible manner.

Another reason we like it is that often these types of well-intended messages make use of scare tactics and shock value; some countries have covered cigarette packaging with gory, disturbing images to discourage smokers, for example.

Some warnings go even further; case in point is this agency that used the “shock and horror” tactic in 2014 to show off the dangers of speeding. Fair warning: their video is a bit on the upsetting side.

There’s even an English ad which shows a speeding, tumbling car crushing a group of school children to a melancholy rendition of Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine. Yikes.

We much prefer this gentler, funnier approach, as we think it’s far more effective at getting its message across. What do you think? And more importantly, will you use the tactic in future car rides with your fellow smartphone users?



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