How to turn on post notifications on Instagram

You may have seen people asking you to turn on post notifications on their Instagram accounts and wondering what it’s all about. In short, it’s all about the app’s new algorithm.

Two weeks ago, Instagram announced it would be doing away with a chronological order feed in favour of an algorithm, much to the disapproval of many users.

This means that you’ll now see posts according to the “top posts you’d be most interested in, your relationship with the person or brand behind the account and the timeliness of the post”, the company said.

The algorithm is yet to be fully made available to all users around the world and the company did not indicate that there’ll be a way to opt out of it and go back to the original order.

Turning on post notifications on an account, a feature introduced last year, will make sure you’re notified every time the account posts a video or photo.

You can do this in three easy steps:

  1. Go to the account profile (make sure you’re following it)
  2. Tap the menu icon at the top right cornerScreenshot_2016-03-29-11-26-57
  3. Tap “turn on post notifications”Screenshot_2016-03-29-11-27-49

It’s important to note that this will in no way remove the algorithm and that it may get annoying if you turn on post notifications for an account that posts quite often, so keep that in mind when doing so.

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