ISIS member leaks information of 22 000 terrorists

Here’s a little-known fact: if you want to join ISIS you have to fill out a 23 question registration form concerning intimate details of your life. The reason we now know this is due to a leak from inside of the terror group.

A former Free Syrian Army member and current ISIS member calling himself Abu Hamed leaked the sensitive information in flash drive passed onto Sky News. Inside the 1 736 documents the drive reportedly contained, were 22 000 terrorists’ details including their details before and after joining the organisation.

Hamed’s reason for delivering the drive is disillusionment with the ISIS leadership as well as other turmoil in organisation.

The implications of this is that the powers that be have both information of the terrorists’ former lives as citizens, as well as their new details such as converted Islamic names.

While the information has pointed out members in the UK, northern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the United States and Canada, there’s no mention of any from South Africa despite the members coming from 51 countries. Because of the sensitive nature of this list (which may include undercover agents), we do not have access to it at the moment. We will be contacting Sky News to see if they can answer this question for us.

Aside from the specific details on individual members, the documents also contained plans for several suicide attacks. Hopefully these, and other acts of terror, can be prevented thanks to the new intelligence.

[Source – Sky News]


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