Who won our Gear VR competition?

Many of the VR enthusiasts among our readers shared their thoughts on the technology with us over the past few weeks via Twitter, in the hopes of winning the Gear VR headset we happen to have lying around the office.

We’ve gone through the tweets, and we must say, for the most part you guys seem quite enthusiastic about the tech and had some great things to say about it.

Wayne Warren’s sentiment echoed the reason I am personally so excited about it:

SP van Zyl said what we’re all thinking:

Yule poked a bit of fun at the idea:

While neither DappingThruLife nor On_the_Phipps_Side were quite as enthused:

So there are plenty of opinions on it out there, and we’re glad you guys shared so many of yours with us. Thanks!

But you don’t care, you just want to know who won… so here goes. And just to re-reiterate, the prize on offer here is the headset alone – we’re not also giving away a Samsung Galaxy S6.

Our random draw technology randomly selected @gareth6pike as our winner. Congrats, Gareth! We will be in touch soon to sort out the logistics of getting the headset to you.

The rest of you, check back with us soon as we’re sure to put on another competition in the coming weeks.


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