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Are you an experienced developer with crazy good skills in UX, app development, cloud engineering and so forth?

Are you a veteran of a successful startup hoping to encourage others to follow in your path, or do you work in corp and want an extra outlet for your skills that’s more rewarding than slaving for the man?

Together with the fine people at JoziHub, is looking to recruit potential mentors for our (almost) monthly sessions. The set-up is simple: over the course of a couple of hours one evening we match up-and-coming startups with experienced engineers, in the hope that the latter can help the former with challenges they’re facing with their code. sessions are small, with no more than six start-ups in the room, and focussed on specific coding problems rather than general business advice. To do that, we need to make sure we’re getting the right people together and matching the skills of mentors with the start-ups who need their help.

We’ve run several successful sessions so far, and they’ve proved both fun and rewarding for mentors and entrepreneurs alike. But to make them happen we need more help. We need a list of names we can contact ahead of a meet-up, so we can get the right people into each evening. There’s no obligations or long-term commitment required, just a willingness to help out every once in a while. Our next will be on 18th April at 6pm.

If you’re interested, please let us know by signing up using this form. We’ll send over a list of dates for up-coming events almost as soon as you do.


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