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Every month, we team up with our chums at JoziHub to help put together an evening we call the It’s a very focussed affair in which we team a small number of startups with an equally small number of mentors, with a view to solving very specific development problems faced by the former by the latter. It’s turbo-charged troubleshooting aimed at improving the quality of South Africa’s startup scene, and hopefully making some long term alliances between young entrepreneurs and grizzled devs too.

For May’s, JoziHub and NPO GirlCode South Africa have teamed up to focus specifically on female-led startups, of which there are sadly not enough. So if you’re a women leading a small dev team, or a coder who wants to see more woman-led firms succeed, this is the event for you.

The structure remains the same; if you have a problem you need help with, sign up here (or at the link below) and show up on Thursday 19th May 2016 to get help and guidance regarding your work and business.

Here’s a bit of background on GirlCode, which began life as a Boxfusion-sponsored hackathon:

The tech industry world is skewed towards the white male perspective, we don’t get to see a lot of women in particular, black women in senior positions within the Tech industry and so we don’t realize that we can also pursue careers related to tech… GirlCode [grew] beyond hackathons to a platform to engage women in tech and encourage others to join in on the tech revolution. GirlCode is about disrupting the status-quo.

App.Clinic()-GirlCode2 is also seeking mentors to attend the events and lend their expertise to the next generation. Read more about how you can help, and sign up below if you can.

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