Breaking: Shots fired at Gautrain station as metered taxi drivers attack Uber driver

UPDATE: Have a look at some of the exclusive video, audio and photos Hypertext Media took at the scene.

UPDATE: According to an eyewitness who spoke to us and works at a coffee shop at the Gautrain station, metered taxi drivers began violently targeting Toyota Corollas (which are popular Uber car models).

The drivers managed to grab and pull one Uber driver out of his car while he was driving in afternoon traffic and began assaulting him. The car then rolled towards the pavement and the taxi drivers began stoning it.

Johannesburg Metro Police quickly arrived on the scene and fired warning shots in the air, resulting in passersby and some of those working at shops at the station running for cover and closing shop.

A police helicopter arrived shortly and the metered taxi drivers then took off in their cabs].

Two Johannesburg Metro Police officers and an Uber driver have been injured and paramedics are still attending to them.

Police have cordoned off the taxi parking and drop off point area.

Earlier, a Gautrain commuter and eyewitness, Balekane Baloyi, told that commuters heard gunshots and ran in different directions, while journalists and witnesses taking photos were being threatened by the taxi drivers.

Shops have reopened while Gautrain operations have not been disrupted. Police are however yet to reopen the road as they’re still taking witness statements and evidence from the scene.

You can listen to the injured Uber driver and eye witness giving their account of events, in this article.


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