How Rea Vaya’s new ticketing and points system works

The City of Joburg introduced a new ticket purchasing and points system for Rea Vaya bus commuters that kicked in on Sunday.

This is what you need to know about how everything works and how it benefits you.

Buy points instead of cash fare

Previously, when loading your Rea Vaya card, you’d load a certain amount of cash fare onto it, depending on the routes you use.

Now, instead of cash fare, you can load points (each point is equal to R1). The system has also done away with loading fees, so all you’ll be paying for are the points you’ll need to travel and nothing extra.

From this month until 30th June 2016, you can earn 10% in bonus points back when you buy points between R51 and R100 in a single transaction, 15% for R101 to R200, 20% for R201 to R300, and 25% for R301 to R700.


When new Rea Vaya fares are introduced on 1st July, you could earn up only to 12.5% bonus points in a single transaction.

“There will be no longer any need to indicate entry and exit points to get discounted fares. Commuters can just hop on a bus, swipe their smartcard on entry and exit. The Rea Vaya system will deduct the correct fare,” explained Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Transport, Christine Walters.

“On entry, a fare of R5.20 (5.2 points) is deducted (the minimum fare), with the balance of the fare deducted on exit, which is dependent on distance travelled [sort of how the Gautrain works],” she added.

If you lose your card, you won’t be not refunded for the points loaded onto it, but you’ll have to purchase a new card and load new points.

Load your points at a vending machine

A number of Rea Vaya stations have been kitted out with self-service vending machines where you can load your points using your debit or credit card (no cash), if you’d rather not go to the cashier booth.


“Our aim is to ensure that public transport in the city is fast, safe, reliable and affordable. The new Rea Vaya points system and vending machines will make travelling on Rea Vaya easy and hassle-free, while offering our customers real savings,” Walters said.

[Source and images – Rea Vaya]


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