Local phone repairer begins selling refurbished iPhones starting at R3 499

iFix, a local phone repair business, will now sell refurbished iPhone models with their i2 “pre-loved iPhones” service.

The only two phones on offer are:

  • iPhone 5 16GB in black – R3 499
  • iPhone 5S 16GB in in silver – R4 999

While the iPhone 5 is no longer sold through the local iStore website, the 5S costs R5 999 brand new, and you can pay R4 999 for a Certified Pre Owned (CPO) version with the same specs, also from the iStore.

While iFix claims that their refurbished phones “spend time in our device clinic, where their bumps and scrapes are soothed, keys are cleaned and screens are polished until they emerge beautifully reconditioned”, it’s still a hard sell when its refurbished price is the same as the iStore’s.

What’s also interesting is the warranties on offer for these pre-owned phones: both iFixit and the local iStore offer a one year warranty. What makes the iStore a better pick, however, is the fact that you can take out an extended warranty. We spoke to iStore customer support and they told us that an extra year warranty will run you R1 299 on top of what you pay for the 5s; there’s no mention of a similar service on the i2 site.

While the selection is limited at the moment and the prices may seem strange, we’re always up for getting tech cheaper without having to deal with the frustrations of the secondhand market.




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