Mad Max eat your heart out: Colin Furze makes his own flamethrower guitar and smoking bass

Colin Furze is one of our favourite mad engineers. In the past he’s made robot wheelie bins, DIY Wolverine claws and even a working hoverbike, all in a little shed behind his house.

Now he’s taking on Mad Max with a guitar that shoots fire, and a bass that emits smoke.

If you’ve seen the most recent Mad Max, you’ll know the insane rocker by the words “fire” and “guitar” alone. If you haven’t, well shame on you, catch up with the short video below.

That living metal album cover artwork is a character called “Coma-Doof Warrior”. His history, why he looks the way he does and rocks so damn hard is a story you can catch up on in the Mad Max wiki, but he’s become an icon of the movie and a fan favourite.

Not content to let fictional characters have all the fun, Furze not only built himself a flamethrower guitar, but also a bass guitar that has smoke emitting from it. There’s several jokes here about Deep Purple’s  Smoke on the Water and “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, but let’s just see them in action.

Okay, that was loud, fast and overwhelming – exactly as it should be. But we’d be amiss not to show you what the hell was going on here.

Furze was asked by Intel to create something for a campaign they’re running using their maker boards. He took input from his fans who have been suggesting the flaming instrument, and took it a step further with an equally cool bass guitar.

You can see how both of these were made in the playlist below:


Finally, if all of this was just too much for you, may we suggest our previous story on a flamethrowing ukulele?



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