Make SA’s Constitution easier to understand at #HackTheConstitutio­n

Uttering the word “Nkandla” is the quickest way to cause heated discussion among South Africans.

The problem with the entire saga, however, is that is depends on the The Constitution of South Africa “the supreme law of the country”, which unless you’re in the legal profession, may be rather murky to some.

If you’d like to address this, focus your attention to the upcoming #HackTheConstitutio­n. The aim of this event is to make The Constitution of our country easier to understand for everyone.

Organisers of the event explain how “we” are going to achieve that:

‘We’ is a loose alliance of people from Hacks/Hackers Johannesburg, TEDxJohannesburg and Design Share Party. We have the text of the constitution and its amendments, we have the full text of every judgement made by the Constitutional Court over the last 20 years. We have lawyers, designers – we even have graffiti artists waiting in the wings to help launch whatever it is we build.

What we need are ideas, writers, translators and coders who want to help make something that will assist everyone to understand what the constitution is, what it means and why it’s so important when someone in power fails to uphold it.

To get the ball rolling, we’re even going to throw our hat into the ring with a suggestion (since we are writers). There exists a version of Wikipedia called “Simple English Wikipedia” which strives to make the world’s favourite encyclopedia truly open with multiple languages and simple grammer. This would work superbly for #HackTheConstitutio­n  because, not only does it need to be easy to understand, but it will also need to be in multiple languages for our diverse country.

We see two options for this project: either work as contributors to Simple English Wikipedia by creating multiple pages focusing on the The Constitution, or create a site based solely on it. You better believe we’ll be attending on May 12th to pitch this idea, and we hope you’re there to help.

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