Watch the Deadpool gag reel right here

If you, like us, loved the Deadpool movie, you’re probably excited with the prospect of picking up the Blu-ray and all its goodies.

Unfortunately, it’s not out yet locally, but you’re still able to watch the gag reel here.

The gag reel is just one of the special features available on the Blu-ray. If you’re in the USA you’ll be able to pick it up in a few days on May 10th. It seems some people have their hands on early copies and some of these have been posted online.

At this point we’ll need to point out two things. First of all, the video below is not suitable for work due to language and some mild nudity. Secondly: this video (posted on Vimeo) is almost definitely an illegal rip and will be taken down soon.

If you really wanted to see and hear more of T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds deliver more of the improv that delivered the great “your face looks like an avocado had sex with an older avacado”, you’re going to be happy here. Our favourite was “you look like a house fire that was in another house fire.”

Aside from the comedy there’s also an interesting scene which didn’t make it into the movie, which looks like Deadpool at the door of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, having words with Negasonic Teenage Warhead while throwing slurs at Colossus.

If you need yet more Deadpool (and something more legal) check out the recently released trailer for the Blu-ray:


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