Creatives, Edward Snowden and Joseph Gordon-Levitt need you

HITRECORD, the collaborative production company founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is working on a project discussing the connection between technology and democracy.

That project has a new contributor and it’s none other than whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

The project entitled, “Are you there Democracy, It’s me, the Internet” is inspired, according to Gordon-Levitt, by the current US electoral campaigns and how this run at the White House has been debated furiously online by voters, candidates alike.

As part of the project ordinary folks have been answering the question, “do you think today’s technology is good or bad for democracy?”, which the project aims to address.

As aside to this, Gordon-Levitt has decided to make a response to the question by Snowden into a separate short film.

Why a short film for Snowden? Well by Gordon-Levitt’s account, “people tend to think of [Snowden] as mostly talking about the downsides of technology. In his video he addresses that, but he also talks about how moving into the future technology will be good for democracy and good for humanity.”

So Snowden being positive about technology is interesting in and of itself and you can help spread his rather motivational message.

HITRECORD is collaborative and the content that gets pushed out by the production house is created by a number of people, such as this song, which is a rather nice earworm as well.

What’s more is that this short film will hit the internet and be seen by thousands because Gordon-Levitt is using his acting fee from “Snowden” (the upcoming film where Gordon-Levitt plays the titular whistleblower) to fund this project.

The upshot of that is that everybody whose contribution end up in the final package will receive payment for their efforts.

So if you’re a writer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator or photographer you can contribute a small animation, illustration or piece of art that will pop up during Snowden’s talk and transform it from a humdrum green screen affair, into something more interesting.

To find out more you can check out the explainer video below or simply head to HITRECORD to get the full transcript of Snowden’s video, and a brief so you can get to work.

[Source – HITRECORD]



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