Bethesda's E3 2016 keynote

Bethesda E3 2016 Keynote: Everything you need to know

After causing a stir with its first-ever E3 keynote last year, Bethesda showed no signs of ‘sophomore syndrome’ this year. Have a gander at what it calls the “Bethesda E3 showcase”, or BE3, and see if you agree with us.

Quake Champions is a thing

Since id Software’s reboot of its DOOM franchise was one of the centre pieces of BE3 from last year, hardly anyone expected the developer to have a second game in the works. So the surprised cheers from the crowd were completely justified when the first trailer for Quake Champions screened at this year’s BE3.

According to Bethesdsa, Quake Champions has been designed for players of all skill levels and, for the time being at least, is slated to land on PC. Since Quake essentially made its name being a fast-paced arena shooter, it was great to hear that the new game would be running at 120Hz with unlocked framerates. With a ‘diverse set of characters’ with differing abilities announced, it sounds like Overwatch, Team Fortress and other FPS MOBA hybrids may soon have some more competition.

Dishonored 2 looks rather lovely

News concerning Arkane’s sequel to its steampunk stealth adventure has been pretty scarce since it was announced at BE3 last year. All players have really had to go on was a release date that was revealed last month.

Bethesda’s new reveal of Dishonored 2 makes us quite excited for this November. The gameplay of Arkane’s new offering looks slick and its graphics – which developers say have been rendered to look like a painting in motion – are gorgeous. In all honesty it looks like the most atmospheric steampunk game since BioShock Infinite. Here’s hoping its story matches its visual splendour.

Skyrim is receiving the remaster treatment

News of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being remastered for current generation platforms was leaked way ahead of BE3 and we have to confess to being a bit confused by it – now that it’s been confirmed. First off, while Skyrim is easily one of the best games Bethesda has ever made, we have to wonder if any of the players who sank all the time required to finish the game would be prepared to give up a same-sized chunk of their lives again. Even if it means prettier graphics. Second, we’d much rather have had news of a brand new Elder Scrolls single player game. Still, it does look lovely and we’re certain it’ll please the handful of souls who never played Skyrim back in 2012.

DOOM will receive more content…

id Software announced a ton of new content for DOOM at BE3, which is pretty remarkable when one considers the game only dropped last month. The game’s SnapMap will be receiving some free updates allowing players to create bigger and better multiplayer maps as well as single player experiences.

The multiplayer mode will receive a boatload of content in the form of new match types, new weapons and the game’s premium Unto The Evil DLC. The developer is being pretty bullish with its new shooter, which is probably why – for the rest of this week only – those players who haven’t given it a go can download the game’s first level on PS4, Xbox One and PC and play it for free.

…So will Fallout 4

The biggest, baddest card in Bethesda’s hand was always going to play a massive part at BE3, but no one expected virtual reality to be added to the mix. According to Bethesda, Fallout 4 will be released for the HTC Vive next year, allowing players to become completely immersed in the game’s post-apocalyptic world.

Now, you’ll just need to start saving. And saving and saving and saving.

Prey’s back, but not as you knew it

Aside from the gameplay reveal for Dishonored 2, Arkane unveiled a trailer for a game it’s kept under wraps for quite some time now. Turns out the developer – and by extension, Bethesda – hasn’t quite let go of the Prey IP, in spite of the reportedly hellish development cycle with Human Head.

But what to make of Arkane’s new Prey? From the trailer it looks like a cross between Moon, Groundhog Day and some sort of horror shooter. Details are sparse at the moment, but we’re definitely intrigued.



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