Did everyone forget that Ghostbusters 2 already ruined the Ghostbusters franchise?

Everyone and their ghost granny is worried about the Ghostbusters remake ruining the franchise for them. Well, we’d like them to consider a couple of points.

First up is a video from the folks at Screen Junkies. These YouTube content creators run a very popular series called “Honest Trailers” in which they give you a humorous trailer of famous movies that tells you the truth about them instead of hyping them up with lies.

The movie they’re tackling this week is Ghostbusters 2. To quote them: “before you see the reboot that the internet thinks will be an unfunny attempt to cash in on your nostalgia of the original Ghostbusters, revisit the unfunny attempt at a sequel that kinda already did that.”

Yes, it seems that time and nostalgia has allowed the world to forget that the legendary original movie had a sequel that just didn’t live up to the original.

Before you watch the video explaining why, we want to speak about the guy narrating it. If he, Jon Bailey, sounds familiar, it’s because he was the Council Spokesman in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. We can hear him calling us Commander right now.

That’s the first bit of news that you shouldn’t be afraid of the remake. While that’s a bit less convincing, we have a much more convincing answer: we saw the movie last night and we like it. A lot.

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